Mystery Parts March 14, 2010

Did someone say "elf chair"?

So another Legend Yard Sale has come and gone and with it a lot of the flotsam and jetsam that builds up in the corners of the shop over the course of the year.  Thank you to all who turned out and took it all away.  It was a good time. 

A new addition this year was the Mystery Parts Quiz.  We had many participants who scored well enough to win a T-shirt.  Our big winner though was little Delia Kovac who came in at the stroke of 6 to try her luck.  She got every one wrong but when we pulled her name out of the bucket of all of the participants,  she walked away with a new Knog shoulder bag.  Even though her answer to number 11 was a head scratching "Robot Eyelash", she proved she had what it takes to come out on top in a good 'ol Mystery Parts Quiz.