You go Nathan Bishop Middle School! October 13, 2010


Here's a sight for sore eyes.  Nathan Bishop Middle School on Elmgrove Avenue seems to be clocking in the serious commuter miles on this particular tuesday in October.  Presumably, there are a few faculty tying up here but if even half of these bikes belong to the 6th, 7th and 8th graders here, my hat is off to you.  

I should't be surprised.  The change has been coming for  a while now.  I have noticed more adults and professional looking types taking to the streets over the past few years.  More and more I see parents riding with their children on city streets to teach them safe habits.   These same parents continue on to their daily destinations.  Children see this and an impression is made.  Change happens.  

While the politicians in Washington offer us a future of the same party bickering and gridlock, these middle schoolers have raised the bar for the future of the bicycle in our city.  Nice job.  

For more information, or to get involved go here, and here.