Homespun May 25, 2011

The lads at Legend are the biggest bike geeks I know.  So much is their passion for all things bicycle that they live and breathe bikes even when they are punched out.  Go figure.  In fact, two of our guys are skilled designers and fabricators. 

Check out Peter Fuller's latest joint:


Pete has been turning out his repurposed choppers since his Fort Thunder days.  You will see his bikes around town under folks who enjoy a different take on two wheels.  Check out the springer fork and the sweet banana seat.  Peter told me he was inspired to create a shaft drive bicycle while golfing on the back nine of the Olneyville Country Club where he is Pro.

Paul Marandola has been to the Mountain Top with this one:


For a more traditional take on the road bike, check out Marandola.  Paul has been apprenticing part time at Circle A Cycles for the past couple years and has picked up a few fab tricks from the local gurus to go with his mechancal skills.  His Mom makes awesome banana bread.