Light Up the Night November 2, 2011

Blinky Safety
Planet Bike Blinky Safety

Until we can figure out how to make the Earth not tilt on its axis, we are doomed to spending more than half of our days in darkness for more than half the year (September to March).  Its this tilt that causes the mercury to slip, the leaves to fall, the birds to split, the bears to sleep, and the street lights to come on at 4:00.

Last night the RI Bicycle Coalition installed 100 lightsets around town during it's annual Light Up the Night event in an effort to educate cyclists on the importance of being more visible out on the roads this time of year.  Of course this also coincides with Daylight Savings (Nov. 6) which is also a good time to change the batteries in your smoke detectors (go figure).

Being more visible to other road users, when used with other good cycling habits such as riding with traffic and being courteous to our less enlightened friends, promotes unseasonal rays of sunshine on our most public of spaces.

So be seen out there folks.  It's the safe thing to do and we need all the smart cyclists out there that we can get.