Snow Job March 4, 2009

So the joke's on me.  All winter I've been boasting about getting around in all the snow we've had because I had set myslf up with a pair of Nokian studded tires.  Those bad boys were good for everthing old man winter and an underfunded DPW could throw at us: snow, ice, crust, and they weren't too bad on the bare pavement either. 

Unfortunately, the few warm days we had at the end of February not only melted the soot-stained snowbanks, but apparently  what was left along the pathways of this soft little mind.  Like a rube thinking this tease was the end of the icy weather, I sold those loyal soldiers for a song at last week's  first annual Legend Yard Sale.   Simply put,  this  sucker took off his winter boots at the end of February and traded them for flip flops because it said on the envelope "you MAY have won an early spring".  atlantis with trailer
snow machine