Legend Bicycle prides itself on providing our customers with the best customer service and pricing possible.  Just so there are no misunderstandings, please be aware of the following guidelines that we follow:

Sales/Return Policies

  • Legend will accept the return of any purchase in its original packaging within 30 days of the time of purchase for a full refund with a receipt of sale.
  • Purchases that are returned without packaging and are unused will be refunded less a 25% restocking fee.  Legend can not accept returns of used merchandise.
  • Bicycles that are returned within 14 days of purchase will be refunded the complete value in Legend Bicycle store credit.
  • Returns will not be considered for special order merchandise that Legend does not currently stock.  Store credit less a 25% restocking fee will be considered at the discretion of Legend Bicycle.


  • We will provide a free estimate for any repair or tune up.  This includes what we believe to be the most accurate estimate for parts and labor to do the job properly.  Occasionally we will encounter an unforseen issue that will require extra time and parts than found in the original estimate.  It is our policy to call the customer to explain the issue and explain any extra charges on the final bill before the work is done.  It is always up to the customer whether or not they would like to proceed.
  • At the time of the estimate, the customer will also be given an estimated time of the completion of the repair.  Once the repair is complete, the customer will be called, and will be expected to pick up their bicycle in a timely way.  Bicycles left beyond 30 days past the day of completion will be charged $1 per day for storage.  Legend cannot be responsible for bicycles left beyond 30 days.
  • There is a $5 minimum charge for any repair work or adjustment to your bike. 
  • Legend offers a self-serve area with basic tools for our customers to do minor repairs themselves.  There is no charge for this.  Our professional mechanics are happy to answer a question or two but we do not offer formal instruction in the self serve area.  If the tool you feel you need is not there or you would feel more comfortable if we performed the work, please ask us for an estimate.  Please do not ask to borrow tools from the service area.

Internet Sales

The internet is a great tool for researching product, sharing information, and publishing opinion.  It has changed the way many of us shop as well.  While we understand and appreciate the attraction to online shopping, we ask you to consider a few things before you purchase a new bicycle on line.

  • New bicycles require professional assembly.  Online bicycles are no different.  If you are comparing prices between online bicycles and bicycles from a store, keep in mind it takes one of our professional mechanics approximately 1 hour to assemble the average new bike from the box.  We charge $75 - $150 to assemble new bikes not purchased at Legend.


  • New bicycles require follow-up service.  Every new bicycle, whether it cost $300 or $3000 has a certain break-in period which will require the future attention of a professional mechanic.  Every new bicycle from Legend comes with “Lifetime FREE Adjustments”.  If you ever have a problem or a question concerning your new bike, we are here at 181 Brook Street to help you 6 days a week.


  • It is important your bike is the right size.  If you are going to spend your hard earned money on a new bike, you should be able to test ride different models and sizes.  When you shop for a bicycle at a bricks and mortar store like Legend, you will be able to speak with someone who knows what type of bicycle and in what size might be best for you.  We here at Legend have around 100 bikes ready to be taken for a test ride on our local Fox Point test track.


  • The Internet is not always cheaper.  Usually our prices are competitive, especially when you consider freight charges and installation costs.  Please let us help you with our experience and product knowledge.  Often we can help you avoid mistakes with compatability or sneaky internet sales bugaboos. 


  • Shopping locally is better for you and your family.  We hope that you keep coming here because we offer the best products and services at the most reasonable price.  However, you might also consider the fact that when you spend your money with a locally-owned business, more of your money stays in the local economy and supports other local businesses.  In addition, Legend Bicycle supports local causes such as the Rhode Island Bicycle Coalition (RIBIKE), Southside Community Land Trust, US Open Cycling Foundation, Vartan Gregorian School, Brown Fox Point Daycare, Books Through Bars, and many others.  Sales tax collected by Legend contributes thousands of dollars to the State of Rhode Island that is used to fund such things as our roads and schools.   By purchasing anything online, your money goes somewhere else.

The decision to purchase a bicycle or bicycle products online is ultimately your decision.  Please understand that our policies are intended to help us be the neighborhood shop that our regular customers want us to be.  It is this relationship that is important to us, and we hope to get the opportunity to get to know you as a regular customer as well.